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2014-19, May 2016

'Ask the Doc': Diabetes Prevention & Manage...

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2014-19, May 2016

SAWI Project: Nutrition & Healthy Eating........

This list details some of our initiatives. We welcome your support and contribution.

  • Coats4kids Program
  • SAWI Project 'Serving the homeless'
  • Annual Food Drive
  • 'Ask the Doc' Series  Free Health talks and Programs for the community
  • Mentoring Youth
  • Educational Programs for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals 
  • Networking events 

Global Physicians Network Foundation (GPNF) aims to connect physicians and healthcare professionals with each other and the community through service and education.  Our mission is:  to connect, care and contribute for the wellbeing of the community; and to engage, educate and empower healthcare professionals and the community. 

Our Misson

SAWI Project

Winter: 2014, 2015,  2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Coats4kids Program....

The Lives We Impact

Our Programs 

Mentoring Youth Program:- My Experience
“As a member of the mentoring program,  .. got  an interview...... to enter into an internship for my major in mass communications. It was my first real experience in a studio were I saw all the working parts that went into producing a show. I experienced what it was like to be in a studio.....It was a great experience for me and I would like to thank the GPNF mentoring program for enabling me to have this wonderful experience.”


Chris D.,

College Student:  2nd year Age 18


 Everyday, so many families and individuals do not have access to life’s basic necessities. Through grassroots and direct efforts, GPNF is raising awareness about issues; hunger, homelessness, poverty and health needs of diverse communities.  The SAWI (Serving Always With Integrity) project combines action with awareness in order to make a difference in our communities.

“Feeding the Homeless” - changing my view on life

“..I have been directly involved in the packaging and distribution of the food. ...due to this program, I have been able to help more people than I ever thought I could help. This experience also reminded of the fragility of our current circumstances. When listening to these people....I realized that many of them had once been regular people, just like us."



High School student:  ​Grade 10 Age 15