GPNF was created in an effort to address long-standing questions; “With our wonderful diversity and individuality, how can we come together? How can we develop an environment of respect and greater understanding? How can we, as individuals make a difference on monumental global issues affecting our communities?  How can we harness our individuality, energy and resources in order to improve our communities?  How can we collaborate and support each other in our individual efforts to make a difference?”

 GPNF was formed with the belief that, while embracing our individual limitations and challenges, with our efforts we can make a positive change in our communities.  GPNF hopes that small acts of kindness can alter our everyday conversations and can hopefully create a ripple effect to better our communities. We have a simple mission of coming together to create a stronger and healthier community.

What We’re Doing:  Global issues/local impact

Recent Projects

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Global Physicians

Our Supporters: We are most grateful to you, our volunteers, affiliates and donors for your generous contribution and support. You have made it possible for us to fulfill our mission of service and education. Thank You. 

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Network Foundation

Founded by women and people with disabilities; GPNF is a not-for-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our diverse  and dynamic volunteer team is committed to contributing for the well-being of the community. 
 We are;  physicians, healthcare professionals, residents, interns, medical and healthcare professional students, educators, college and high school students, youth and community volunteers.

 Areas of expertise: 

Health education for physicians, healthcare professionals and community, innovative programs and leadership development, bringing diverse communities together. 

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SAWI Project in New York City
Our volunteers served over 1200 food items to the hungry/homeless in New York City. 2015
​Distribution of healthy snacks and T-shirts with education workshops for homeless families 2016 Serving over 500 homeless and low-income individuals in 2016                                                    Serving over 301 homeless individuals in 2015

Serving over 90 homeless individuals in 2014

Annual Food Drive
Annual support of a local food pantry by collecting non-perishable items.                             Conducted food drive November 2016 - over 500 food items donated                                  Conducted food drive November 2015 – over 300 food items donated

Conducted food drive November 2014 - over 100 food items donated

Coats4kids Program 
Launched a program that directly provided new coats for elementary schoolchildren with no coats during winter of 2014-2015.  Due to the tremendous need, we expanded and doubled the program for winter 2015-2016 and doubled it again 2016-2017 

Innovative Health Education Programs for Children

A multidisciplinary approach to Health Educational programs including Arts integration for school children and their families. We are Integrating new approaches to impact the health and wellbeing of the entire family unit.  We are bringing workshops and learning materials to schools, libraries, museums, community centers, and homeless shelters

Collaborations with other not-for-profit organizations:

We have driven initiatives to launch new educational and cultural programs with the  Queens Public Television, Queens Historical Society, Godwin-Ternbach Museum at Queens College, Queens Library, World Music Institute of New York, NYC public schools and Homeless Shelters 

Mentoring Students and Youth

A small pilot program of one-to-one mentoring of students has yielded a huge impact in developing confidence and leadership abilities in our mentees.   

Community ‘Ask the Doc’ Health Talks 

Our volunteers drove an initiative to teach structured health classes to the community. 

Educational Programs for Physicians and Healthcare professionals

Programs promoting personal and professional development, CME programs, Speakers Panel

Networking events and programs promoting cultural understanding 

Annual Children's Day Celebrations, Children's Concert