GPNF participates at Queens Borough Hall in celebrating India's 70th  Independence Day  August 2016

GPNF's Healthcare Professionals Educational and Networking meeting August 2016

GPNF Team conducts Diabetes screening and nutrition guidance at health fair, Smokey Park in Richmond Hill, Queens July 2016.

GPNF Wellness Initiative during CoVID-19:​

During the pandemic GPNF created and distributed over 750 Wellness Bags to support the mental health and wellbeing of Frontline Healthcare workers in the hardest hit areas of the five boroughs of NYC   March 2020-June 2020

GPNF Wellness Discussion Series:  Peer Support and Interactive virtual sessions with thought leaders for medical students, residents, fellows, physicians and healthcare professionals in order to promote wellness and assure positive change  June 2020

​GPNF partners with hospitals in NYC and distributes Wellness/Food bags to high risk patients impacted by CoVID-19 who are facing food insecurity.  GPNF takes its 'Ask the Doc' HealthTalks for the community virtual.  June 2020

GPNF's Scientific Sessions, Physicians Expo, Annual Meeting and Benefit October 2017

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