For Physicians and Healthcare Professionals:
New treatment options for type 2 Diabetes August 19th 2016 Guest Speaker:  Dr. K. Hershon                                                                       Overview and management of Chronic thromboembolic disease May 6th 2016 by Dr. G. Lanier
Physicians Expo, Annual Meeting and Benefit, Presentation; Current Practice of Medicine and Volunteerism by Dr. R. Raju 

Pulmonary Artery Hypertension   (CME program)   Speaker:  Dr. A. Talwar October 11th 2015

Interstitial Lung Disease June 2015                                                                                                                                                             Travel Medicine Update June 26th 2015 by Dr. K. Neumann

Annual Meeting and Practice Management Presentation November 12th 2014 

For All Healthcare Professionals and the Community:

 Childrens' Day Program:  Presentation; Cultural Connections and Children's Health by Dr. S. Malhotra, Family Travel health by Dr. K. Neumann, Children's Concert, Annual Food Drive, Reception & Art Exhibition November 14th 2015

​GPNF celebrations with Queen Borough Hall August 2016, November 2015

 Living History, Presentation on 1964 World's Fair by Dr. S. Malhotra,  Art Exhibition & Reception  July 8th 2015

Networking and Educational Dinner Meeting June 2015 

'Ask the Doc' Health Talks:

Nutrition and Diabetes Prevention:  October 2017          Diabetes 101: Prevention and Management May 2016 

Anesthesia and You:  what to expect when scheduled for surgery August 2017, September 2016, May 2016, November 2015, October 2015, September 2015, Dec 2014  Queens Library

Anesthetic Complications and Pain Management in the Elderly June 2015

Educational Programs for Homeless Children and Families:

Nutrition; Healthy Eating & Making Healthy Choices May 2016

Hygiene and Preventing Infections June 2016

Health Fair with SDA Church in Queens, NY

Diabetes Screening and Nutrition Counseling July 2016, 2017

Network Foundation

Global Physicians

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  • Instrumental Ragupati Raghav4:09

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Educational Programs

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